Install CucoTV APK on FireStick in 1-Minute [STEPS]

CucoTV – Download CucoTV APK Free on Firestick/Fire TV [Complete Guide]: Admit it! Streaming latest movies and TV series on the big screen of your television is much more fun than watching the same on the small screen of your Android or iOS mobile device.

CucoTV APK Download on FireStick

The entertainment gets huge when you own a Firestick/Fire TV as you can choose from a variety of streaming apps to watch your favorite titles. In this post, we are going to talk about CucoTV APK and how you can get the same installed on your Firestick/Fire TV.


CucoTV APK on Firestick

CucoTV, similar in features and functionality to ZiniTevi, is one of the best applications that you can install on Firestick/Fire TV for streaming your favorite movies and TV shows for free in HD. The primary reason for saying this is that the team working behind CucoTV App makes sure that all popular and latest content is readily available on the platform for the users to consume.

Apart from this, if any of your preferred content is not available on the platform, you can lodge a request with the team to add the same on a priority basis. Check out – CucoTV APK Free Download on Android Mobiles & Tablets.

Install CucoTV APK on Firestick in a Minute [STEPS]


Before the actual installation process, please take care of the below-mentioned prerequisites.

  • From Settings > My Fire Device > Developer Options.
  • Next, please toggle ON the option of Apps from Unknown Sources.
  • Make sure you have the Downloader Application installed on your Firestick/Fire TV. You can utilize the Search option on your Firestick to locate and install the Downloader Application.
  • Launch Downloader App and provide the required permissions.

Download Downloader App on FireStick & Fire TV

  • In the App, from the menu, go to Settings and enable JavaScript.

Allow Photos and Videos on CucoTV APK

  • Thereafter, from the menu, go to Home and enter the below URL to download CucoTV Latest APK File on Firestick.

Enter URL to Install CucoTV APK

  • Post completion of the download, Firestick will ask whether you wish to install the APK or not. Please proceed with the installation.

Install CucoTV APK on FireStick

  • Post successful installation, exit the installation screen.

CucoTV APK Installed on FireStick and Fire TV - Movies and TV Shows

  • Your Firestick will recommend now to delete the CucoTV APK File. Tap on Delete.

Delete CucoTV APK on FireStick UPDATED

  • And, then hit the Delete option again to remove the APK file from your Firestick.

Delete CucoTV APK FireStick


That’s it! You have successfully installed CucoTV APK on Firestick.

CucoTV APK Installed on FireStick

iOS Users, do check out – CucoTV App Free Download on iOS(iPhone & iPad).

CucoTV Ad-Free Latest APK on Firestick – How to Use?

  • From the Firestick Home, please go to Your Apps and Channels and scroll down the list.
  • CucoTV will be present at the end. 
  • You can either bring this icon to the beginning of the list or add the same to the home screen.
  • Launch the application and you will see latest releases coming up in front of you.
  • There’s a separate section for movies and TV shows.
  • The Watched List will keep track record of your watch history and the Favorites List; you can use to add content that you might like to watch later.

CucoTV App Movies and TV Shows Feature

Setup Real-Debrid with CucoTV APK on Firestick

Using CucoTV, you can enjoy Real-Debrid content as well on your Firestick/Fire Device. Following are the steps to setup Real-Debrid.

  • Go to the Menu button on CucoTV and tap on Settings.

CucoTV APK Real Debrid Settings

  • Under Settings, you will see an option Login to Real-Debrid.

CucoTV APK - Real Debrid Login on Firestick

  • Please make a note of the code that comes up next.

Real Debrid Code CucoTV APK on FireStick

  • Now, simply launch a web-browser and navigate to

Real Debrid FireStick CucoTV App Movies and TV Shows

  • Here, you require entering the code that you noted.

Enter the Code Real Debrid CucoTV APK

  • Tap on Complete.

Real Debrid Enabled on CucoTV APK (ZiniTevi) on FireStick

  • That’s it! Now in CucoTV APK, you will see that you are logged in to your Real-Debrid account.

CucoTV App with ZiniTevi (Real Debrid)

Setup with CucoTV APK on Firestick allows you to keep a track of your watch list, history, and progress on a compatible device. CucoTV allows you to sync with to keep a record of your watch history. You can also check out – CucoTV APK Free Download on Roku Device for Free.

  • Go to the three-lined Menu button on CucoTV and hit Settings.

CucoTV App Settings

  • Under Settings, you will see an option Login to Trakt TV.

Login Trakt CucoTV APK - Seup

  • A code will show and you require noting down the same.

Trakt Code CucoTV APK

  • Now, simply launch a web-browser and navigate to

CucoTV APK Trakt Setup

  • Please enter the code that you noted down above in the space provided.

Trakt Code Enter CucoTV APK

  • Hit the Continue button.

Trakt Integration CucoTV APK

  • Hit the Yes button when asked to allow CucoTV to access your account.

Trakt Enabled on FireStick with CucoTV App

  • That’s it! Now in CucoTV APK, you will see that the sync with is successful.

CucoTV App Setup Done on FireStick

How to Watch Content with Subtitles on CucoTV APK on Firestick

Activating subtitles is easy. All you need to do is follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Please launch the title that you wish to stream with CucoTV MOD APK on Firestick.
  • On the top-right corner of the screen, you will see a dialogue button. Please tap on the same.

Subtitles CucoTV App

  • Now, you require selecting the language that you prefer for the subtitles to be in.
  • You will see a plenitude of subtitle files coming up.
  • Along with each subtitle files, the number of times it was downloaded will be mentioned.
  • You can select the one with the most downloads.
  • That’s it! Your content will play with subtitles now.

for PC Guide – CucoTV APK MOD(Ad-Free) for PC Windows 10/8.1/7 & Mac.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q – Is CucoTV compatible with iOS?

Yes! You require taking the assistance of third-party app stores like AppValley or TopStore to install CucoTV App on iPhone/iPad.

Q – Can I cast content to TV via CucoTV App?

Yes! CucoTV is compatible with Chromecast. Along with that, you can install CucoTV on Roku, MiBox, and even on PlayStation and Xbox.

Q – Is VPN Required to stream Content on CucoTV?

Usually, streaming won’t be a problem. But if you wish to download content from CucoTV, make sure you are doing it post subscribing to a good VPN service.

CucoTV APK HD Movies and TV Shows on Firestick/Fire TV

We hope you are all set to install CucoTV on Firestick now. If you face any issues during the installation or have more questions to ask, please feel free to contact us via the comments section provided below.

Thank You.

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  1. Is there a way for me to transfer my favorites list on ZeniTevi I to the new CucoTV app?

    If not, this ability to transfer favorites from an older version to newer one would be immensely helpful, esp. going forward with CucoTV.

    Please advise via return email.

  2. hi there
    i downloaded some movies from Cuco tv app perfectly and i ca see and play the movies on my note so ultra but i want to move these movies in to my external hard drive, how can i do it? thank you

  3. Lezlie D Nichols

    On my firestick im trying to watch the Life (1999) it has the correct cover but the movie is Life (2017). Why is this? I tried ur app on my phone and the movie Life (1999) plays the correct one!

  4. The new firestick apk seems to be for an android. It won’t load up properly with the normal screens and has the option for phone or android tablet. Please check “ “ is the right Apk given in the instructions to load on Cuco Tv for firestick.

  5. Trakt wont open for me to activate it also I have ogged into m real debrid account but get no content whatsoeve. Using firestick 4K initial thoughts this is rubbish interface is good but itdoesnt lay anything. Have installed and uninsaled it. nin verson 1.0.3

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