Install CucoTV APK on PS4 & PS3 with Plex [STEPS]

Download CucoTV on PS4 & PS3: CucoTV App is a third-party program that enables you to view high-resolution versions of the newest movies and TV series. There are no hidden fees or charges in the app to utilize it. This software serves as a one-stop-shop for all of your entertainment requirements.

CucoTV App Download on PS4 & PS3
CucoTV App Download on PS4 & PS3

For quite some time, the CucoTV app has been one of the most popular streaming applications. It provides you with access to a wide range of material, including movies and television programs.  You can check out – CucoTV APK Free Download on Android [Ad-Free & Mod].


Download Cuco TVon PS4 & PS3

Suppose you don’t want to waste your time by giving you pointless screencasts and screen mirroring instructions. In this situation, utilize “Plex,” which is a Kodi alternative. It’s a media server that allows you to access your pictures and videos from your phone.

Install Cuco TV APK on PS4 / PS3 using PLEX [STEPS]

You may utilize the Plex to perform the same thing as screen mirroring and screen your phone to your PS4 and PS3. Plex is a Kodi alternative that allows you to watch/view your pictures and movies from your mobile device. To install and utilize Plex on your PS3 and PS4, follow the instructions below.

Install CucoTV APK on PS4 / PS3: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • To begin, make sure your PS3 or PS4 device is connected to a steady internet connection.
  • Now, either through wired or Bluetooth, connect the PlayStation to a smart TV.
  • The Popular area may be found on the PlayStation’s home page. It should be tapped.
  • Type “Plex” into the search box. In the search results, the Plex application will appear.

Search Plex App for CucoTV APK

  • To install Plex, press the install button on the Plex and follow the instructions.

Sign In to Plex App - CucoTV APK

  • Launch the Plex program once it has been installed. If you haven’t already done so, sign in or create a new account on Plex. Depending on your requirements, you may choose between a free and a premium subscription.
  • Now you must download and install the Plex Android app on your phone to link it to your PS4 or PS3 device.
  • Open the Plex App after downloading it from the Play Store.
  • Log in to Plex with the same account you used to sign up for your PS3 or PS4.
  • Using the Plex app on the PS4 or PS3, you can now access all of the material on your smartphone.

Must check guide – CucoTV APK Download on PC Windows 11/10/8.1/7 & Mac.

Method 2: Install CucoTV APK on PS4 & PS3

  • It would be best if you first got the Modern Android CucoTV APK. Choose the relevant link below.

   Download CucoTV APK

  • Finish installing CucoTV APK on your phone if you don’t know how to do it.
  • After that, connect the Cuco TV APK to your Android phone. Otherwise, you will be unable to proceed.

PS4 & PS3 CucoTV Movies & TV Shows

  • On your Android smartphone, uncheck the option to utilize the internal player.

CucoTV Download on PS4 PS3

  • Open the Cuco TV APK and watch your favorite CucoTV APK in high definition.
  • As previously said, the processes are incredibly straightforward. CucoTV APK may be installed by even the most inexperienced users.

Now you may access material from your phone’s local storage directly from your PlayStation. You can now see all of your pictures, listen to music, and watch PlayStation movies straight from your phone. Also, check out – CucoTV APK Download on Xbox One & Xbox 360 [Step by Step Guide].

Download Movies from the CucoTV App On PS4 & PS3

We are all aware that the Cuco TV apk allows us to download movies and television programs. All of your downloaded movies and programs will be stored inside the app, and you will not be able to access them via your gallery. However, you may use third-party software to download movies from the Cuco TV app to your phone gallery. follow the instructions below-

  • In the Google Play store on your Android phone, look for Advanced Download Manager. You may also download the app through the Google Play Store by clicking on this link.
  • Open the Cuco TV APK once you’ve finished installing the download manager on your phone.
  • Select a movie or television program to save to your phone’s internal memory or SD card.
  • Select any link from the movie and select the “Open With” option.
  • Choose Advanced Download Manager from the list of apps.

Advance Download Manager - CucoTV APK

  • With the assistance of that software, the movie will be downloaded to your phone’s internal storage after you choose that choice.
  • Wait a while and check back later to see if the movie has finished downloading.

Let us assume you’ll be able to watch your favorite movie or television program in the video collection on your phone. You may now cast the film from your phone to your PS4 or PS3 using the plex media server. Check this best HD Alternative app for HD Live TV Shows – Ocean Streamz APK Download on Android Mobiles & Tablets.

Watch Movies & Shows on PS4, PS3 With CucoTV APK

You’ll need to link the Plex app from your CucoTV App and your PlayStation to view movies, TV shows, and web series on your PS3 and PS4 devices. Let me walk you through how to cast your favorite film from the CucoTV App to your PS3/PS4 device.

  • Open the Plex App on your Android gadget.
  • To access the menu, tap the cast symbol in the upper right corner of the program.

CucoTV App PS4 & PS3 - Movies & TV Shows

  • In the menu, choose the first option, “Cast.”

Cast Movies & TV Shows - CucoTV on PS4 & PS3

  • You’ll now see a list of devices that are ready to be linked. Select your PS3 or PS4 device from the drop-down menu and pair it.
  • Begin the Plex App and go to the media area after both devices have been connected.
  • Play your favorite movie in the media area and enjoy it on your PS3 or PS4 device.

CucoTV App Settings

Features of Cuco TV APK

Cuco TV APK has a vast inventory. Almost all of the most recent and popular Hollywood films and TV shows are available on CucoTV. Furthermore, the material supports high resolutions of up to 720p and 1080p.

The app’s user interface is simple and beautiful. It’s straightforward to use the CucoTV APK software. Parts of movies and television programs are shown. The app’s main screen includes a search box where you can quickly locate the information you’re looking for.

CucoTV APK is a small, light application that won’t slow down your Android device. So, if you’re running out of room on your PS4, remove the Cuco TV apk since it takes up the least amount of space. The software is free to use. There are no in-app purchases or hidden costs.

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Conclusion – CucoTV APK Free Download on PS4 & PS3

CucoTV App’s newest version enables you to watch 1080p movies and TV shows free across various devices. The best thing about using CucoTV is to cast content to Chromecast, Roku, MiBox, and even PS4 and Xbox with CucoTV Mod APK.

Cuco TV makes consumers feel at ease due to its familiarity. It’s simple to use and provides cord-cutters with a wide selection of movies and Television shows to pick from. This software will keep you up to date on the earliest series of your favorite television shows.

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