[Fix*] CucoTV No Working, No Data Available, No Links & All

CucoTV App Not Working/No Data/No Links Present & Not Getting Installed Errors [Fix]: CucoTV App APK with its impressive inventory of popular/latest movies and TV series has won hearts worldwide. However, a significant percentage of CucoTV users have to steer their way through some common errors and issues with the application.

CucoTV APK Not Working, No Links Available and Other Errors Fixed
CucoTV APK Not Working, No Links Available and Other Errors Fixed

In this post, we are going to address, once and for all, all CucoTV App Not Getting Installed, No Subtitles, Crashing & other errors. Continue reading ahead to know the fixes for these common CucoTV issues. Also, do check out Best Guide to Install CucoTV APK on FireStick & Fire TV Under 1 Minute.


CucoTV Not Streaming/Not Playing, Not Installing, Crashing & Other Errors

1. CucoTV No Data Issue

This is presently one of the most pressing issues that CucoTV users are facing. Below are various solutions for you to fix the issue.

CucoTV App No Data, No Links Available Issue

Way 1

  • Please launch CucoTV on your device.
  • Tap on Menu > Settings.

CucoTV App Settings Section

  • You will see an option Source List Refresh Interval.
  • Simply set it for 15 Seconds.
  • Hit Clear Cache.
  • Exit and relaunch CucoTV.

CucoTV App Features on iOS

Way 2

  • If you are using CucoTV on an Android device, please navigate to Settings > Applications.
  • Go to CucoTV > Storage.
  • Under Storage, please tap on Clear Cache.

Clear Cache CucoTV App - ZiniTevi

  • Launch CucoTV App and enjoy your favorite movies and tv shows..

Way 3

Sometimes Ad-Blockers are a cause of CucoTV No Data Available issue. Hence, if you are using any Ad-Blockers on the device; please uninstall the same and then check whether CucoTV No Data Issue resolves.

Use best VPN to fix CucoTV(ZiniTevi) not working issue

Way 4

If you have internet connectivity issues, then also the app will cease to display data. However, if everything’s working fine, it means the content that you are trying to stream is not available for the people living in your region. To bypass this geographical restriction, you require installing a good VPN service. You should also check this out – CucoTV APK Free Download Roku Guide [STEPS].

2. CucoTV No Links Present / No Links Available

Way 1

  • Please launch CucoTV on your device.
  • Tap on Menu > Settings.
  • You will see an option Source List Refresh Interval.
  • Simply set it for 15 Seconds.
  • Hit Clear Cache.
  • Exit and relaunch CucoTV.

Way 2

Sometimes, a pending update is to be blamed for CucoTV No Links present issue. Hence, please check whether an update for CucoTV is available. If yes, please go ahead and update the application to the latest version to get rid of CucoTV No Links Available issue.

You can check out – Download CucoTV APK on PC (Windows 10/8.1/7 & Mac).

3. CucoTV No Playing/Not Streaming or CucoTV Crashing Issue

Way 1

Please check whether you are just not able to play/stream a particular content or the same holds true for all available content. If you are not able to play just a particular content, it means that the particular content is not present for the people of your region to stream. Hence, simply install a good VPN service to play that particular content.

Way 2

Make sure that there are no pending updates for CucoTV. Use the latest available version of the application to prevent CucoTV Crashing issue.

Way 3

Seeing from a different perspective, if you are noticing that the issue of CucoTV Not Playing/Not Streaming or CucoTV Crashing issue started happening post an update; it means the latest version of the application is not compatible with your device. So, you either need to upgrade your device or downgrade CucoTV to the previous version that was working just fine on your device. Also, check out – CucoTV App Download on iOS(iPhone & iPad) – UPDATE.

4. CucoTV Not Installing/Unable to Install Issue

For your convenience, we have embedded some links below that will help you with the clear installation steps for CucoTV on your compatible device. Please visit the below links to check out the steps.

   Download CucoTV APK

5. CucoTV Buffering Issue

Way 1

Buffering could be temporary and can be attributed to the internet connectivity at your side. Check the same and thereafter play the content again.

Way 2

If the internet is working fine, it means your ISP is getting in the way of your entertainment and is blocking access of CucoTV to the internet. Simply install a good VPN service on your device to prevent your ISP from blocking CucoTV access to the internet. You should check this out – CucoTV APK (Mod/Ad-Free) Download on Smart TV and Android TV Box.

6. CucoTV Real-Debrid Not Working

Simply uninstall CucoTV from your device. Thereafter, check out the links provided above, and reinstall CucoTV on your compatible device. Now, try logging into Real-Debrid once again from CucoTV.

CucoTV APK - Real Debrid Login on Firestick

7. CucoTV Subtitles Not Playing/Subtitles Not Working/No Subtitles Issue

If the internal player is not able to play subtitles along with the content, then all you need to do is install an external player like VLC or MX Player. Play CucoTV content via the external player and use the Play with Subtitles option to choose a relevant subtitle track for the content that you are streaming.

CucoTV App with ZiniTevi (Real Debrid)

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CucoTV APK APP Common Issues & Fixes

These were some of the common issues being faced by a significant majority of CucoTV users worldwide. If you are a CucoTV App user and facing any issue not mentioned in this post, please reach out to us for assistance via the comments section provided below.

Thank You.

13 thoughts on “[Fix*] CucoTV No Working, No Data Available, No Links & All”


    I use an Android. Having problems with cuco app. If I clear the storage cache will that delete my files(photos,etc.)?
    First episode of “Medium” played okay. I had to turn off subtitles as the captions weren’t in sync with the episode.
    Then a “Streaming ” notice popped up instructing me to download the various “streams” .I did. Still frozen.

    1. Only delete the Cuco TV apps storage cache itself, go to My Apps, then scroll down to ‘Cucotv’, click on it and then ‘Storage’ then click on both the ‘Clear Data’ and the ‘Clear Cache’ buttons. If all else fails I always uninstall then reboot and then reinstall stubborn non-functioning apps. Hope this helps.

  2. I have an android TV box x99 rockchip 3399. This app just does not work with my device no matter what I do. It works well with the nvidia shield in the livingroom..but it doesn’t work at all with this x99 that’s in my bedroom. Help please!!!

  3. The movie,”The House next door:Meet The Blacks 2″- think that’s the title– freezes during the scene where Allie is found by her Dad’s cousin.
    Refuses to play to the end.

  4. I’m watching NCIS Los Angeles, and season 7 played great. When I got to season 8 streams loaded but all the ones I tried buffer horribly. I’ve cleared the cache and done everything I’ve read to do. Any suggestions?

  5. Can’t stream to my tv. Cast doesn’t work ant if I try with the link it doesn’t work.
    The app wants to update all the time. It’s just horrible.

  6. Not able to search for titles just blank & can select from most downloaded/steamed etc just cannot search for specific titles.

  7. Ur cucotv app stopped working won’t play or search anything on my android box could you fix it please ur app is awesome would be sad if I cant use it no more

  8. I haven’t seen an update pop up for a couple of months. Shows and movies that were playing are no longer playing. I have uninstalled and reinstalled cucotv 2x. It still doesn’t work.

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