Movie Box Plus 3 APK Free Download on Android (PlayBox TV APK)

Movie Box Plus 3 APK a.k.a, PlayBox TV is a streaming application available for Android Devices. We all understand the pain of being unable to access movies and tv shows because of a subscription fee, but with Movie Box Plus 3 never miss another movie or show ever again. Very much like other big-name streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, Movie Box Plus 3 has plenty of movies and shows to offer. This guide is going to tell you how you can get Movie Box Plus 3 on your device for free, so follow the instructions, and hope you find this guide useful.

Movie Box Plus 3 APK Free Download
Movie Box Plus 3 APK Free Download

Before we dig into the installing step, let’s first take a look at what exactly is Movie Box Plus 3 and what are its benefits. Once we take a quick look at features and benefits, we’ll be able to decide if the application is worth the trouble. Also, check out – Download CucoTV APK Free Download on Android [Best App].


What Is Movie Box Plus 3 APK?

Movie Box Plus 3 APK, is the APK file for the Movie Box Plus 3 application. Offering a variety of channels to choose from, these include sports, tv shows, movies, cartoons, and even animations. Since Movie Box Plus 3 has so many options and facilities, it started getting more and more attention.

Movie Box has been growing in popularity, especially in recent times with the ongoing pandemic, watching movies, which was already a popular activity, became the best source of entertainment. The Movie Box Plus 3 APK is also known as PlayBox TV can be installed for free on any android device, and the best part is that this application provides all the premium features that top streaming services have to offer for absolutely no charge.

Another reason why Movie Box Plus 3 has become so used nowadays is due to Cinemas and other public places being deemed unsafe to go to. With a lot of safety restrictions, watching all the latest shows and movies from the comfort of your home is the best way to go. Also, you should check out this complete guide on how to Install CucoTV APK (Mod & Ad-Free) on Android TV Box & Smart TV.


Let’s take a closer look at all the features that Movie Box Plus 3 have to offer:

  • You can stream all your favorite movies and tv shows in HD quality and with little to no buffering
  • Since this application is for android devices, this means you can watch movies and tv shows anywhere and at any time.
  • The Movie Box Plus 3 APK also supports offline watching this means that you can download any movie or show and watch it later on.
  • Movie Box Plus 3 also features foreign dramas and movies, such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and many more. This gives the users a wider range to choose from and is a unique feature that’s mostly seen in premium applications
  • There are no subscription fees, meaning that the APK MOD is free of cost. This is definitely what attracts the users towards the app, as it offers all the top-end services for no charge.
  • Ever watch a movie from free sources and encounter multiple ads that ruin the whole experience? On Movie Box Plus 3, there are no ADS to interrupt or hinder the experience of the viewers.
  • One of the biggest things that make or break a streaming service application, is its user interface. If the application has a poor user interface, it immediately ruins the user’s experience with the app. Luckily the MovieBox Plus 3 has a fantastic user interface and enhances the quality of experience for the user.

Application Details

App Name MovieBox Plus 3 APK
App Version v1.0.1
Last Updated 25th November 2021
APK size 18.48 MB
Rating 4.5/5
Content Rating Everyone
License Type Free
Support Android Version Android 4.1 and Above

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Install Movie Box Plus 3 APK on Android

Now that we know what Movie Box Plus 3 APK has to offer, let’s get into how we can get the Movie Box Plus 3 APK onto your android device. Before we go any further, this guide is about installing the APK on Android devices, make sure you have the right device.

Follow these steps and use the links provided in the steps below:

  • Since you are installing the Movie Box Plus 3 APK file, you need to first enable the “Install from Unknown Sources” in the settings.
Enable Unknown Sources - CucoTV APK
Enable Unknown Sources – CucoTV APK
  • Install the APK file for the Movie Box Plus 3 on your android device from a credible source.
Install MovieBox Plus 3 APK
Install MovieBox Plus 3 APK
  • Once the APK file has been successfully installed onto your device, you need to make sure it runs properly.

Movie Box Plus 3 App Free Download on Android

  • Enjoy all the free movies and tv shows you could ever want.

Movie Box Plus 3 App Installed on Android


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Conclusion – Movie Box Plus 3 APK (Mod & Ad-Free) Download

All in all, the Movie Box Plus 3 APK file is definitely worth the trouble of getting and does a fantastic job as an entertainment application. As long as you follow the steps mentioned in the guide, you should be able to install the application without any trouble. Hope you enjoy your free movies and tv shows.

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