SmartTubeNext APK Free Download on Android TV/ TV Box [STEPS]

SmartTubeNext APK Download on Android TV/Android TV Box | YouTube Vanced App Alternative: There is absolutely no smartphone owner, in the world that does not know or use YouTube. Bought by Google in 2006, YouTube never stopped growing since then. Currently, users have an option to enjoy ad-free experience, background playback, and more by subscribing to YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium.

SmartTubeNext APK Free Download [LATEST]
SmartTubeNext APK Free Download [LATEST]

However, premium subscription comes at a cost and, on an Android platform; you cannot install or utilize YouTube without Google Play Services. Here is where SmartTubeNext APK comes into play. Continue reading to know more. Also, check out – Weyd APK Free Download on FireStick Under 1 Minute [STEPS].


What Is SmartTubeNext APK?

You can call SmartTubeNext APK an advanced version of the basic YouTube application. You can sign-in using the same account that you utilize on YouTube and access your history, liked videos, shared content, playlists, channel subscriptions, and more on SmartTubeNext Ad-Free APK. The highlights are that you do not require Google Play Services to install SmartTubeNext APK and you get to experience a good number of YouTube Premium features free of cost. Check out the features in detail below.

(SmartTubeNext Android Ad-Free APK | Best YouTube Vanced Alternative)

App Name SmartTubeNext
Latest Version v17.62
Developer Yuriy L
Android Version Android 4.3 or Above
Compatible Devices Android TV, Google TV, Nvidia Shield, Android TV Box, Firestick/Fire TV
Non-Compatible Devices Smartphones, LG WebOS, Apple TV, Samsung Tizen+
Root Required No
Size 15.5MB
Last Updated On 2023
License Type Free

Ad Blocking

There are no ad banners, ad intermissions, or pre-roll ads on SmartTubeNext Android APK.

Sponsor Block

This is actually an open-source browser extension that allows you to skip the sponsor segments on YouTube. Sponsor Block is a part of the SmartTubeNext APK package.

Casting Support

Post installation of SmartTubeNext Android APK on Android TV/Android TV Box, you can cast videos from your mobile device on it. You have to link your mobile device and the television. The following are the steps for the same.

  • Launch SmartTubeNext and go to Settings.
  • Tap on Link Devices. You will see a code.
  • On your mobile device, launch YouTube and navigate to Settings > Watch on TV.
  • Tap on Connect Using TV Code. Enter the code and you are all set.

PiP Mode

Of course, the app supports picture-in-picture mode. You can activate the same from Settings > General > Background Playback > Picture-in-Picture.

Organised User Interface

Unlike YouTube App, SmartTubeNext APK features a neatly arranged UI divided into categories like gaming, news, music, and more.

Background Playback

Other than the PiP Mode, you can also choose to let the audio play in the background. This helps when you are interested in audio.

Default Video Preset

Selecting the resolution automatically based on the available bandwidth is not available on SmartTubeNext APK. However, you can set up the default video playback resolution and you are free from the hassle of changing it all the time. This can be done under Settings > Video Player > Video Preset. You can watch content from 420p up to 8K.

SmartTubeNext App Videos - YouTube Vanced Alternatives

Auto Update

Just install the app once and forget it. The app comes with an inbuilt auto update tool. You will receive a notification once an update is available. Also, check out – HDO BOX APK v2.0.14 Free Download on Android [LATEST].

Install SmartTubeNext APK on Android/Google TV or Android TV Boxes

Phase 1 > Transferring SmartTubeNext APK File to TV

You can follow any of the two methods below to get the APK File on your Android TV/Android TV Box.

Method 1: Install Downloader App on your Android TV. Launch the app and under the URL option, please enter or Tap on Go and this will download the APK on your Android TV.

Method 2: Download the APK from any of the below links. Put it onto a USB Stick. Connect the USB Stick to your TV and you have to use either FX File Explorer app or File Commander app to get the APK on your TV.

Latest SmartTubeNext APK Beta Download

Latest SmartTubeNext APK Stable Download

Phase 2 > Installing SmartTubeNext APK on Android TV/Android TV Box

As a first, please make sure that the option for Installing Unknown Apps is active. Thereafter, if you are going through the Downloader route, once the APK finishes downloading, the installation process will start automatically. Just tap on Install on the window that comes up and tap on Done once the installation is complete.

SmartTubeNext APK Free - Installation

Alternatively, if you are accessing the APK through the USB Stick via a File Manager App, tapping the APK will kick-start the installation process. Follow simple on-screen instructions and exit once the installation is complete. You should check out – HDO Box APK Free Download on PC (Windows 11/10/8.1 & Mac).

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q – Is voice search available on SmartTubeNext APK?

The feature of voice search is available; however, you might have to root your Android device if you wish to use that. Check out more on the GitHub Page.

Q – Does SmartTubeNext work on Smartphones?

No! The developers do not even have a plan to bring that compatibility yet.

Q – Is AutoPlay feature available on SmartTubeNext.

Yes! You can tap on the Loop button while the video is playing to go through various auto play modes.

Q – Does HDR work on SmartTubeNext?

Only if your hardware supports it.

Q- Is downloading a video possible on SmartTubeNext?

As of now, downloading feature is not available.

Q – Can I Whitelist Certain Ads?

No! There is no code available for displaying ads on SmartTubeNext APK.

Also, check out –

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That is all regarding SmartTubeNext APK. Feel free to ask questions in the comments section below. Download and try the app. We will love to hear about your usage experience as well.

Thank You.

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  1. Great post! SmartTubeNext APK seems like an excellent alternative to YouTube, especially for those who want to enjoy premium features for free. The app’s ad-blocking, sponsor block, casting support, and organized user interface make it a top choice for Android TV and Android TV Box users. The steps to link devices and use picture-in-picture mode are also easy to follow. Overall, SmartTubeNext APK is an impressive app that delivers a fantastic viewing experience.

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